We went to see Haunted:  Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance at the Guggenheim on 24 July 2010.

Sharon Hayes was spinning a set of vintage political speeches and spoken-word pieces in the Rotunda.  If anyone knows the actual title of her piece, please tell us.


We’re going to the museum and I keep on pulling lisa because I said “keep on going now mom.”

Margot pulling Lisa into the Gugg

The museum looked like a spaceship. It was white. You go in a circle. The floor was like this [sloping hands]. I was sitting on a circle.
There was a girl playing records. People weren’t dancing. She had more behind her. That is her table. She had a lot of space for the records. I was singing a song like “yo ee yo ee yo ee.”

Sharon Hayes

What we saw:

A movie and he was chewing on his nails [Anthony Goicolea, Nail Biter, 2004]. There were all kinds of nails and he was eating them. It was little bit scary because he was all left alone without his mommy. And he didn’t have a sister.
K: “was there another movie with a man sitting in a chair?”

M: “yeah, hm”

there was a sword. [Nate Lowman, How to Redeem Your Towed Vehicle #1, 2009]
oh yeah, four legs. She has an owee on her toe.

Joan Jonas, Mirror Piece I, 1969

Miranda Lichtenstein, Floater. 2004. Borrowed from the Guggenheim

A mermaid and she’s swimming. You don’t see her tail because it’s in the water.

Marina Abromovic, Cleaning the Mirror #1, 1995

Another one was cleaning the skeleton. Her name is Marina.
You can’t cut your body. Not on your legs or on your foot or on your arm. She was putting needles in and she was cutting herself. I think she was trying to make herself bleed because maybe that was her job but I don’t think that was really her job. She wanted to make herself bleed… but it doesn’t really feel good when you bleed.

Gina Pane, Action: Laure, 1977

I know about tummies, you have muscles and you have bones, you have everything in your body. Those are her intestines. It’s a pretend dolly, and she’s pretending she got her tummy open.

Zoe Leonard, Wax Anatomical Model with Pearls, 1990


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