The Artist is Still Absent

More from The Artist is Absent, 29 May 2010

I think their clothes are in the washer. You have to squish in and say “Excuse me!” Don’t stand on their toes! They would say “Ouch, ouch.”

Freeing the Voice

I really liked the yelling.
She was lying on a mat. People were taking pictures, but I didn’t want a coat [official documentarians were wearing lab coats–Margot was offered one but declined].
Why did you have to wear a coat to take a picture?
Karey: You have to ask Ariel.
Margot: Who is Ariel?
Karey: She was in charge.
Margot: Hi Ariel!
Karey: How loud were they yelling?

Margot: AARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH She was yelling because she wanted to yell. I think she was getting tired. I think she was getting tired because she was yelling very hard. Do you think she was sleeping or awake?
Karey: Do you yell while you are sleeping?
Margot: Actually, if someone yells, it hurts my ears. You know what? I like to draw pictures of ice skating. Someone was ice skating on a mat.

This is a guy who is yelling. He’s saying, “What’s on my head?” It’s a rabbit. Then he yells, “There’s a rabbit on my head!” And the rabbit yells, “I’m on your head!”

Nude with Skeleton
The skeleton is not on my list. Do you know what’s on my list? Playing tag. I think the skeleton is packed up. The person with the skeleton had painted fingernails. They were blue. The skeleton’s were red. No, I’m just joking. Skeletons have eye holes. I got to put my fingers in.



Relation in Space
If you bump into somebody, you say “Excuse me!”


Other Performances
There was also a scary one coming because you have to be careful with knives. We didn’t see that one. When mom is using the big knife, I can’t sit on the counter with her.

I really liked the yelling.  I also liked seeing the skeleton.

All pictures created on site by Margot. One with a little help from Karey.


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